Company: Weather Underground, IBM
Roles: UX/UI Designer
Project Type: Collaborative
Live: Weather Underground for Android on Google Play Store

Weather Underground (WU) has always looked how to give hyper-local data to it’s customers in the best way possible. Yet WU has never worked on creating context around that weather data. In order to engage the company, I hosted a Design-a-thon with the whole company. From this exercise the idea of the “Smart Forecast” design won for it’s creativity and use.

Weather Underground needed to look into better ways to contextualize weather data for it’s consumers and be a part of their day to day activities.

After the Design-a-thon, we took this idea and tested it with our users. Many users found that it would be helpful for our app to remind them or tell them when the best times in the 10 day forecast would be to do activities, this would better help their planning. We card tested what activities were the most helpful to our users as well.

We first released this product on apple products and it had great success which led us to adapting it for our Android audience.
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