Art & Design have been a major factor in my life since I was a kid growing up in Ohio. But it really all started in '96 with Sailor Moon. I began constantly drawing these characters, browsing the young internet to look at other's fanart, & creating new connections through these fansites. Soon enough I was viewing every site's code source, teaching myself html, & creating my own art site. This was when I fell in love with creating online experiences by making websites & eventually made a hosting service/small art community site to showcase my art & hosted 5 friend's art. That has then spun into a love for design & art in all facets of my life.  This lead me to studying Illustration & Design in Detroit where I refined my story telling and problem solving skills.
I have deep knowledge in UX/UI design, mapmaking, advertising/marketing design as well as packaging. I also noodle around in lettering, crafting, sewing, & oil painting when time permits.
 I'd love to hear from you, & hopefully I can match my skills to your needs. And that's my little corgi-mix Tripp with me, he's available for hire as well, you can pay him in hugs.

Quickview Experience
2017 - Now -- Lead UI/UX Designer -- PresenceLearning
2013 - 2017 -- Lead Product Designer, Product & Communication Design -- Weather Underground, an IBM Business
2012 - 13  --  Sr. Designer/Illustrator -- Pure Red Creative
2011 - 12   --  Designer -- Minted, LLC.
2009 - 11   -- Manager/Designer -- TRA Art Group
2008 - 09 -- Designer/Photographer -- Schubot Jewelers
2008     --     Designer -- HOUR Detroit Magazine

Thank you!
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